Hi, I'm Amy...

I'm a Real Estate Investor & Educator, Best Selling Author, HGTV Personality, Networking Coach & Keynote Speaker who built my business by Networking w/ A Purpose!


I'm Amy...


Here Is My Story...

I am lucky to be able to travel the country, doing what I want - when I want, with who I want.

After building multiple businesses and through many lessons learned, I am able to enjoy my time coaching and mentoring real estate investors all over the country on how they too can achieve their goals by Networking w/ A Purpose!

The most important concept I teach is that with the right attitude, anything is possible.

I was born and raised in the midwest in one of the tightest families you'll ever meet!

My mom and her two sisters married my dad and his two brothers before immigrating to America and no, none of it was arranged. They decided to buy homes within three miles of one another which is where they raised all of us! Although I technically have one brother, I always say that I am one of seven since I have five double cousins, we all look the same and we grew up within three miles of one another.

After attending undergrad at Michigan State University, I moved away from home for the first time to Austin, Texas where I landed a job working for Dell Inc. After working in Corporate America for over fourteen years, I was doing well, but felt like my true potential was elsewhere. I was completely burnt out and had no passion for the work I was doing. I knew I needed a change.

During my spare time, I was glued to all of those home renovation shows. I absolutely loved the idea of taking an old dumpy house and turning it into something new and modern!

Although it may have sounded a bit ambitious and even unrealistic, especially since I had no previous knowledge of the real estate market, my mind was set! I was on a brand new mission prepared to learn how I too could learn how to buy, renovate and then sell distressed properties.

In my hunt for quality real estate investing education, I found mentors Than Merrill, Paul Esajian and JD Esajian from A&E's hit TV show, Flip This House. With their ongoing support, guidance and trust, my very first company, Blue Ink Homes, was born.

The Timeline....

  • Born to the closest family on the planet in Okemos, MI.

  • Undergrad at Michigan State University.

  • Grad school at St Edward’s University in Austin, TX.

  • Got a great corporate job w/ Dell.

  • And worked.... And worked.

  • Began my education in real estate investing in July of 2012 w/ a desire for more.

  • Bought my first solo condo renovation in December of 2013.

  • Started coaching and mentoring others in August of 2014.

  • In March of 2015, I first appeared on HGTV!

  • Started writing my book, Networking W/ A Purpose, in January of 2016.

  • In September of 2016 I started public speaking.

  • In January of 2019 I launched my own coaching program.

Although I did not have any previous real estate experience or knowledge, I had always been great with people. I focused on networking, identifying mentors and learning all I could.

It hasn't always been easy, and it's taken a lot of hard work, time and sacrifice. With the help of my coaches, mentors and my incredible team, I am now able to give back by coaching and mentoring other real estate investors all over the country on how they too can achieve their goals by Networking w/ A Purpose!

Would you like a mentor?!

I truly believe in the power of mentorship. I've been extremely blessed to have some incredible mentors, and I wouldn't be where I am today without them. By seeking a coach or a mentor, we get a short cut to powerful information that only experience can bring. This allows us to cut timelines, skip messy mistakes and reach our goals faster.

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I truly believe that time is everything.


My motivation:

After losing my uncle to cancer in October of 2013, I quickly realized that tomorrow is never promised. This concept had a profound snowball effect on my mindset, and I quickly realized the power of leverage.

This belief - that time is everything - helped me take a unique approach in my real estate business, where I focused on networking and team building in order to grow.

Life is
too short. 

Don't Take It From Me

 Testimonials From Our Students

Results speak for themselves. Hit the play button to hear a recent voicemail from one of my students.- Lenore Moore
(It's calls like this that make it worth it and get me so excited about coaching!)

Before working with Amy, I was quite lost in my day-to-day operations and how to achieve my goals. After only a couple of weeks of coaching from Amy I was excited, structured, and operating with intention.

-Hayley Leaf

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