Wanna grow and scale your real estate business as a result of knowing how to CONFIDENTLY raise private money?

WITHOUT having to rely on your friends and family members?

WITHOUT having to worry about your credit, liquidity or experience?

WITHOUT ever having to worry about your "skin in the game" ever again?

Ready to start raising private money in your sleep and live the life you want to live?

Oh GOOD. That’s my specialty.

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And for the better part of the last decade, I've helped THOUSANDS of real estate investors all over the country raise private money for their business. The result is, they've gone on to grow their existing businesses and start new ones!

I'm committed to helping you

transform your mind so that you feel confident raising private money.

I take the fear out of raising capital

and I break down each of my processes into a

methodical and easy to follow system.

After scaling all of the heights of traditional corporate success, I realized how little freedom I had and how stuck I was in the rat-race of exchanging my time for money.

So, I did what anyone with an unquenchable entrepreneurial spirit would do -

  • RESIGNED FROM DELL:​So long side hustle! I left my corporate job after 14 years and haven't looked back! I had the ability to renovate and wholesale multiple properties at once as a result of knowing how to raise private money.
  • BEGAN COACHING OTHERS: This has been the most rewarding accomplishment to date. The ability to coach and mentor thousands of investors all over the country on the same networking strategies that helped me raise millions of dollars in private money has resulted in lifelong friendships and its also how I met my husband!
  • GENERATED MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME: I had more money coming in from private money lenders than I needed to invest into my deals so I started referring my lenders to other credible real estate professionals.  
  • LANDED A 4 PART SERIES ON HGTV: I broke the mold with HGTV and ended up recording a 4 part series on House Hunters and House Hunters Where Are They Now. 
  • BOOKED PAID SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES: I quickly became a subject matter expert in the power of raising private money and was able to share my strategies with other real estate professionals all over the country.
  • PUBLISHED A BEST SELLING BOOK: I finally took the advice of my students and published a book that shares my story as I transitioned out of Corporate America and into Entrepreneurship.
  • GOT MARRIED!: I was sharing a testimonial at a real estate workshop about a renovation I completed in Chicago which some random guy (a.k.a. my husband) was working at and the rest is history!
  • LIVE MY LIFESTYLE BY DESIGN: I get to spend my time doing what I want, when I want, with whomever I want. I get to enjoy being a mama to our 1 year old daughter, Emma, and travel the world with my husband Sean.
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 So, if you are committed to

 creating a life of true fulfillment, a legacy of real meaning and using your resources in service to a world that works for all, especially and including YOU!

…I hope you will join me- Amy


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